Friday, August 28, 2009

A Note to self for Next Time!

I have been painting long enough now, that you would think that I would remember a few basics!  I'll blame it on being too busy, but I did manage to forget an important detail. 
If you have visited my website ( ) you will have noticed I am a bit of a detail freak.  I love putting in detail.  I have tried to be "looser" in my painting, but invariably fall back to the detail.  This is one of the reason I generally paint on masonite or MDF if I use acrylic or canvass with oil, or illustration board for my gouache paintings. 
The reasons are fairly obvious...oil, I can't manage the level of detail I do in acrylic, so I use canvass.  Gouache tends to sit "lightly" on canvass or MDF... result, I use absorbant illustration board.  Acrylic I like detail, so the smooth surface of MDF or masonite is ideal.   Close to 20 years of painting, you would think I would remember these points.
Well the painting "Bridal Pair" is acrylic, but I'm doing it on canvass.  The only saving grace for me...fur on deer is not heavily textured; so I can "fudge" that it is not as detailed as I would normally do.  Really notice in the faces.

So for those of you who plan to start a painting...think of the detail level you plan to put in the painting, and choose your substrate accordingly!  Note the face of the deer.

Till next time!

Cindy Sorley-Keichinger

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