Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Carving out time can be done!

   Life can definitely be busy, especially if you are married, have kids, a job, a husband who works from home, and you still try and paint.  My personal opinion is that it is even tougher for female artists to carve out time to do what they love, because socially and practically it is usually her that everyone turns to for this that and the other.  There are some situations where that may not be the case, but in general, females are conditioned to be the go to person in the home.
  In my particular instance,  we are large grain farmers and my share of that is bookkeeping, payroll, and chief cook and bottle washer for a harvest crew of about 25 people.  We provide 2 full hot meals a day for this lot.  "Safeway" loves me at this time of year.  At the end of the day, I find as I get older, I get more tired, than when I was younger.  But even so I manage to carve out time for my painting.  After I wind down from the cooking, at about 9 pm I will start painting.  I have daylight bulbs in my studio.  Some days it is a real push to go paint, but the neat thing about it is that once I start, I forget I'm tired.  This is "me" time, and I'm doing something I love to do.  Not to mention, by this time the phone has stopped, the 2 way radio demands stop, and no one is in the house!  Heaven!  As a result I managed to finish my "Bridal pair" painting and have started another.  So take it from me, if you really want to, it is possible to carve out painting time.  Just view it as "me" time, and enjoy the benifits, of stress falling away as you do what you love!

Till next time

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting Validation that you are on the Right Track!

Painting can be a lonely business at times. You paint because you love too, or are compelled to, or a combination of both. However a person does worry if they are going about things in a manner that is always getting better. You wonder how you are viewed by other artists, or if you should just pack it in because you are deluding yourself that you have any talent at all.

I don't think there is an artist alive who has not wondered about that at some point or other. Well this past week I was surprised (because I did not think I was good enough) and honoured to be invited to join Artists For Conservation.

I'd been sitting on the fence about trying to join for a couple of years, but was not brave enough. However both my Husband and daughter encouraged me to try. As they say nothing ventured nothing gained. So I did, and Voila! My timing was great; so I did not have to stew too long, and I was accepted!

Guess I have more going for me than I thought!

So to all of you out there who wonder, go for broke, try for a group who juries it's membership, and view it as a test to how well you are doing on your journey. A little positive reinforcement never hurt anyone's ego!

Check out the logo I now get to use! It is a direct link to the Artists For Conservation Website, Try it and check out all the wonderful members of this group who believes in giving back somthing to the Natural world.

Artists for Conservation Foundation - Signature Member - Supporting Nature Through Art